About Us

About Us Entigy ltd was incorporated in 1991, and since that date have provided accounting and system based services to a wide range of organisations, ranging from small companies through to listed companies, and also to many public sector clients. In 1999 Entigy Ltd started an Internet division (Quik Internet) which has grown to provide a wide range of Internet services. More recently Quik has formed a new division (QuikTalk) which deals with the communication products such as Telephony, Web based conferencing and VOIP. Entigy also offers a wide range of services via an ASP/SaaS model. These hosted solutions allow clients to use a variety of software, without the need to buy hardware, or software products.

The consultancy arm of Entigy Ltd provided interim resource to clients, and an outsourced service which allows clients to transfer as little or as much as they would like in terms of accounting duties to a third party, leaving the client company free to concentrate on commercial activities rather than back office tasks.