Online Hosted Software Solutions

Online Hosted Software SolutionsKnown as the ASP (Application Solution Provider) model in the 1990's, and now as the SaaS (Software as a Service) model in the 2000's, the principle remains the same. The client organisation can use software, via the internet, without the expense and inconvenience of buying and maintaining hardware/software.

Although this type of solution is ideal for small to medium sized companies, even larger companies are adopting the principle in some situations, as the ROI is often too attractive to ignore.

The solutions that we currently provide are listed below, but this list is constantly being enhanced.

  • Accounting System - use a highly functional mid range accounting system for low cost.

  • Basic Ledgers - not really into accounting systems, and want a basic system to record transactions which you then hand to your accountant? - take a look at webledgers.

  • Expenses Module - often a mess, and ignored until information is needed. Each employee can record expenses online, and the 'claim' can move electronically for approval.

  • Document Management and Control - Do you issue contracts, sales quotes, tenders and other important documents?. Do you have standard templates, and monitor and control changes, so that each individual document meets your requirements and standards. Then our DMC package is for you.

Contact Entigy with your hosted software requirement and we will try and assist.