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Payroll Bureau

Payroll BureauEntigy Ltd offer a comprehensive payroll bureau service, plus optional extras. Our clients range from small companies through to divisions of listed companies, so anything from a few employees up to several thousand can be serviced.

Standard Bureau Service

The client company provides Entigy Ltd with data, which Entigy processes using Inland Revenue approved payroll software from Iris. Entigy then provide reports to the client to enable the client to pay their employees. Entigy do have bureau facilities and can process the payroll through to payment of employees via BACS. Unlike many other bureau providers, Entigy provides an online portal that allows up to 3 named contacts to enter and edit data, which after approval is then processed through the payroll system. This allows the client to have visibility of data, rather than the mass of schedules that often seem to exist. In addition, it allows the input data of prior months to be easily viewable.

Needless to say, there are are controls and processes in place to ensure that a timely and accurate service is delivered.

Features of the standard service

Receive and process master data for the client company
Receive and process master data for each employee

Monthly payroll
Process starters and leavers (P45's, P46's, etc)
Process notice of codings
Process P45's and P46's as received.

Year end

Prepare P14's/P60's, P35's and distribute

Holiday Recording

Many companies lack a centralised system to record holiday entitlement and holidays taken. Entigy offer an additional module that does just this. Each employee is set to have an entitlement, and then days taken/booked are entered into the calendar (in either day or half day units). The reports available include holidays taken by employee, holidays pending and remaining free entitlement. The module is free standing and is intended to be a useful recording and reporting tool for companies.

Bureau Plus

As with most bureaux, Entigy do not deal directly with employees and we allow three named contacts per client company. However, many companies would like their payroll bureau to deal directly with employees when an employee has a question in respect of the payslip and calculations thereon. For a small supplementary cost, Entigy will deal directly with employees (email only) on such matters. Entigy cannot deal directly with outside agencies in respect of individual payroll matters.

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